Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition in 2017. Reports

    On December 20th annual conference regarding the scientific results of Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition was presented at the University of Georgia. The director of the Art and Humanities of UG Prof. T. Ghudushauri opened the meeting.

    The results of an Archaeological, Palinological, Architectural studies were presented as well, as the updated mobile app of Samshvilde surroundings. 

    Dr. George Gagoshidze /National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia/, Archaeologist Iulon Gagoshidze /Georgian National Museum/ and Archbishop of Tetritskaro-Manglisi Eparchy - Anania participated in the discussion.

    The results presented on the conference will be published in ,,Archaeology” vol.2 – the scientific journal of the International Archaeological Centre of UG.