Annual Scientific Conference. Samshvilde 2017

   On December 20, 2017, at 17:00, the annual conference of Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition of the University of Georgia will be held at the conference hall of the University /519/. The results of field and lab works of the year 2017 will be presented.


Opening – prof. T. Gudushauri – the Director of the Art and Humanitarian school at the University of Georgia. 


  • Berikashvili D. Coupal I; Muller-Bieniek A.,,Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition in 2017. Main topics’’
  • Grigolia G. ,,Newly discovered stone industry from Samshvilde’’
  • Gabelaia N. ,,Bronze period artefacts from Samshvilde excavations”
  • Kvavadze E . ,,The importance of palynology on the sample of  Samshvilde excavations”
  • Gabunia T. ,, The theses about newly discovered architectural objects in Samshvilde in 2017’’
  • Tsiramua S. ,,The updated mobile application for cultural heritage monuments in the surroundings of Samshvilde