On December 8, the annual reports of Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition of the University of Georgia was presented in the conference hall of the University.

   The conference was opened by  Prof. T. Gudushauri, Director of the school of humanitarian sciences.

there were the following reports:

  • Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition in 2016. The Results of archaeological excavations in 2016. /Prof. D. Berikashvili the head of Samshvilde archaeological expedition of the University of Georgia/

  • The results of studies Samshvilde palinological material –  /Dr. E. Kvavadze.  Samshvilde archaeological expedition/.

  • The results of studies Samshvilde osteological material –  /Dr. M. Bukhsianidze.  Samshvilde archaeological expedition/.

  • About new discovered architectural details from Samshvilde  - /T. Gabunia, architecht-restorator. Samshvide Archaeological Expedition/.

  • Conservation-restoration of metal objects from Samshvilde 2016. Dr. N. Kebuladze./ Georgian National Museum/.

  • Anthropological studies of human remains from Samshvilde 2016. /Dr. L. Bitadze. anthropologist. Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition/.

  • Renewed Samshvilde Mobile App - /Prof. S. Tsiramua. The University of Georgia, Samshvilde archaeological Expedition/.