Touristic itinerary for Samshvilde historical complex

“Tourism Geoinformation Center – TravelGIS” /Dr. Konstantin Abuladze and Dr. Sergo Tsiramua/ works about touristic resources, projects new touristic routs and creates centralized geodatabase which is accessible for everybody. 

 In October 2015, TravelGIS by sponsorship of the University of Georgia /www.ug.edu.ge/ worked out trilingual /Georgian, English, Russian/ touristic Web and Mobile apps for Samshvilde archaeological complex (Southern Georgia, Tetrickaro municipality).

Besides the architectural, historical and art monuments of the site the application contains detailed information about excavated areas studied by Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition of the University of Georgia under the leadership prof. D. Berikashvili /www.samshvilde.ge/. 

The mobile apps of TravelGIS is free and easy downloadable for Android and Ios sistems from Play store and App store. It will make Samshvilde more popular and easy reachable for every interested personalities.